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Enjoy iTunes music and movies on your Android phone and tablet

Nowadays, Android system has occupied the big portion of the mobile market. Many iTunes users who have Android devices wonder how to sync iTunes media files to their Android smartphone or tablet. In this article, I will give you a brief introduction about how to sync iTunes library with Android devices.

iTunes to Galaxy S3

First of all, you need have a clear that which kinds of formats your Android devices support. And different kinds of Android devices all support the same formats.

And now I will write a step-by-step instruction to guide you iTunes to Android sync. The instruction consists two parts. In the first part I will brief the whole process about removing iTunes DRM. In the second part, I will introduce how to sync your iTunes files with you Android devices.


PartⅠ: Remove DRM from iTunes files and convert them to MP3/MP4 formats


Many purchased music or videos form iTunes have the DRM protections, so you should remove the DRM protections firstly. And then you can freely transfer them. Here, the software Aimersoft DRM Converter can be you best choice. It can help you remove the DRM protection file to plain files. The detailed method is as following.


Free download Aimersoft DRM Converter from below:

Download DVD ripper


Step 1: Import the files you want to play on your Android devices.
If you have installed the software, just start it. Then, import the files from your iTunes that you want to play on your Android devices by clicking the button "ADD". Or you can just drag or drop them to the program.


Aimersoft DRM Converter

Step 2: Choose suitable formats
Click the button "Settings", to select one format you want, MP4/.MP3 are the most popular media formats. It is best to choose .MP4 output format from "Video files to" drop-down list, and .MP3 from "Audio files to". Then, you need consider the videos resolution which should match your Android devices. You can also set other parameters as you want.

Tips: For convert iTunes video to Android device, different devices have different video resolution.

In order to fit your player’s screen well, you should figure out the video resolution of your phone or tablet. You can find out it from the specification page of the official site, and type the video size on "Settings" tab.


Step 3: Choose one output files
Click "Browse" to select one output folder to hold your converted files.


Step 4: Start the conversion
Click the button "Start". The conversion will be completed soon.


Part Ⅱ: Transfer your converted files to your Android devices


In this section, without the limitation of DRM, you can freely sync iTunes to Android devices.

1, if want to transfer them to your cell phones, just go locate your file manager in your cell phone.

2, drag or drop your converted files to the directory. If the manager file can not be found, you can create one folder, and then put your converted files to the folder.

3, the players in your media devices can automatically detect these converted files.




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