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How to Remove DRM from BBC iPlayer contents

How dramatic BBC iPlayer is! It is not only an internet television but also radio services which enable you catch up with the television or radio program in the past week of BBC. It means that you can enjoy the programs broadcasted during the past seven days. And the downloaded programs will self destruct after 30 days, because those programs are DRM protected.

Remove DRM from iPlayer

However, what really annoys us is that when you are not in UK, you don't have the right to enjoy the television program, and when the programs are played, you just have only seven days to finish watching them before they are self deleted. So when you are back, the programs are gone.


So is there any possibility for users to break through the time limitation and watch the program from BBC iPlayer anytime. Here we can recommend Aimiersoft DRM Converter for you. This software can remove DRM from iPlayer easily and legally. You needn't worry the usage of the software, because the interface of the software is handy and easy to use. As soon as you have started it, you are likely to know how to use it.


Step-by-step instruction guide you how to remove DRM from BBC iPlayer.



Free download Aimersoft DRM Converter from below:

Download DVD ripper


Step one: import the programs to the software.

Installed DRM Converter, launch it. And then you can drop or drag the source files to DRM Converter. Or you can load programs to the software by click the button "ADD".
Notices: the programs downloaded from BBC iPlayer can be kept for only seven days, so you should conduct the conversion during the seven days.


Aimersoft DRM Converter

Step two: set output format and output directory

After the programs have been loaded, you can select the output format through the column below the words "Audio files to" or "videos files to".
For audios, the mp3 format is a good choice, because mp3, the standards formats, can be playable on any portable device with a music player. And you can transfer your converted files to any of your devices without another conversion.
For videos, you'd better select mp4 as the output format, because files in mp4 format can play on any device with a multimedia player.
Lastly, you can click the button "browse" to choose a folder for you converted programs.


Step three: get down to converting the programs

Clicking the button "Start" to begin to remove DRM from iPlayer and convert iPlayer files to plain media files. After a while, the conversion can be finished. Click the button "Find Target" to locate your converted files; you can transfer them to your portable devices if your disk space permits.

Tips: This software also works on other DRM contents for example Audiobook, iTunes files, Amazon videos, etc.


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