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How to convert iTunes music and video to Windows Media Player

Many users have bought many videos or music from the iTunes store. But when you want to transfer these files bought from the iTunes to Windows Media Player, Windows Media Player just goes on strike. Facing the problem, there is nothing wrong with the windows media player itself, but the songs or movies bought from the iTunes store are DRM protected. It is a waste of time in being annoyed by this. So how can you put up with this?

iTunes to windows media player

This guide will show you how to transfer iTunes music and videos to Windows Media Player.


All we need is DRM Converter software that can help you in dealing with iTunes DRM issue. This software can remove DRM legally. What's more, another specific function of the program goes like converting your media files between different formats. For example, convert M4P to MP3, M4V to MP4.  Besides, the output files maintain a high quality.


Now, let move to the key section. Here I will give you a brief introduction about how to remove DRM from your iTunes music and videos and then transfer to Windows Media Player step by step.


Free download Aimersoft DRM Converter from below:

Download DVD ripper


Step one: import the iTunes music/videos files to the program

Launch the program, and click the button "ADD…", load the iTunes files you want to transfer to windows Media Player into the program. If you know the exact route of the iTunes library, you can also navigate to locate your target files, and drag or drop these files to the program.


Aimersoft DRM Converter

Step two: set the output directory and output format

After loading your iTunes files to the program, you need set the output directory. Click "Browse" button to select one folder for your final converted files.
Now if you are converting music files, click "Audio files to" to select the output format as mp3 from the drop-down list. After that, you can click "Settings" to set more output parameters like Sample rate, Channel, Bit rate.

If you are converting videos files, you can click the button "Video files to" to choose the output format as mp4 from the drop-down list. If you import both of music and videos to the program, you need set both as mentioned above.


Step three: Start converting iTunes files

All preparations have been done; click the eye-catching button "Start" to start DRM converting. The conversion will be completed fast. And then you can click "Find Target" to locate your converted files.


Transfer converted iTunes file to Windows Media Player, just follow the guide:




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