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How to transfer musci from iTunes to Nokia Phone

Are you Nokia phone users? Do you want to enjoy your music from your iTunes on Nokia phone? Have you ever met the problem that the music from iTunes can not be playable on your Nokia phone? That's the trick played by Apple. Because the iTunes music is DRM protected. Apple just allows that your iTunes songs are transferred to different PCs five times. If your portables are non-Apple, you don't have the right to enjoy iTunes music on your non-Apple portables.

iTunes to Nokia Phone

Now, the problem can be settled both easily and legally. There is a type of software, which can help you deal with DRM protection. Aimersoft DRM Converter is the very one. 


Here, I will produce a detailed instruction to guide you step by step.


Free download Aimersoft DRM Converter from below:

Download DVD ripper


Step one: load the iTunes music to the DRM Converter

After you have installed the software, just launch it. Open the folder of iTunes library, drag or drop them into the program. Or you can click the button "ADD", and then find the iTunes library and load your wanted music to the program. Additionally, you can load more that one song to the program for one time.


Aimersoft DRM Converter

Step two: set the output format and output directory

After you have load the files that you want to play on you Nokia phone, you can set the output format. You must see "Audio files to" through which you can select the output format as mp3. Here we recommend mp3 as the output format, because mp3 is the standard format which can fit with every portable with a music player. Click "Browse" to select one folder for the final converted files.


Step three: start the conversion

All prepared, you must see the big round shinning button "Start" , click it to start to convert iTunes to Nokia Phone. Then DRM Converter will be busy with converting the iTunes to acceptable format and removing the DRM protection.


After all affairs are done, you can begin to transfer these converted iTunes files to your Nokia phone.

1, Link your Nokia phone to your computer via USB cable.
2, Click one button on your Nokia phone to enter the USB pattern.
3, Find the manager file and create one folder labeled Music.
4, Drag your converted files to the folder Music


Now everything is ok. You can enjoy these songs with your non-Apple players anywhere and anytime.


Tips: If you want convert DRM protected iTunes movies to Nokia phone, you can also use this wonderful DRM Convert in the same steps, it can convert iTunes video to common MP4 format for you.




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