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How to play iTunes music and movies on Motorola Atrix 3/HD

Motorola Atrix 3/HD, one fantastic Smartphone, equipped with a dramatic cup of 1.5 HZ and a touching screen of 1280×720 video resolution is coming to the market to make a stir among Smartphone lovers. Via its excellent properties, Atrix 3/HD is bound to gain many favors. And with such extraordinary conditions for watching videos, it can't be better to enjoy wonderful movies on Atrix 3/HD at your spare time.

iTunes to Galaxy S3

If you already have a rich iTunes library, which just confines you to enjoy these iTunes music on your computer under the condition that you haven't a iPod, iPhone, or a iPad, you probably feel a little bit inconvenient when you want to enjoy iTunes music or movies on Motorola Atrix 3/HD or on your other portable devices.


No worry, now! The problem can be actually solved only with specific software. The software Aimersoft DRM Converter may be a good one. Most of the iTunes music is DRM protected. That means even if you have transferred these DRM protected iTunes music to your other portable devices taking no consideration of the format, these music can not be playable. Therefore, DRM Converter finds its way to favor you.


Here, I will make a detailed instruction for you about to guide you to finish the iTunes to Atrix 3/HD conversion step-by-step.


Firstly, in order to smoothly finish the conversion, you should know the audio and format supported by Atrix 3/HD as following:

Audio formats: AAC, MP3, WAV etc.
Video formats: AVI, MP4, H.264 etc.


Free download Aimersoft DRM Converter from below:

Download DVD ripper


Step one:import your source files from iTunes library to the program

First of all, you should ensure that you have installed the DRM Converter. And then launch the program. Drag or drop the source files to the program directly. Or you can click the button "ADD" to locate the iTunes library and then load them to the program.


Aimersoft DRM Converter


Step two: set the output format

After you have loaded those files you want to play on your Atrix 3/HD, you can set the output format. You must be able to see the labels "Audio to files" and "Vidoe to files". Now you can select the format as MP3 and MP4(strongly recommend) through the column below the labels.


Step three: start to convert the iTunes to Atrix 3/HD

Lastly, click the eye-catching big button "Start", DRM Converter will do its job. It will take a little bit while to complete the iTunes to Atrix 3/HD conversion. But the speed of the conversion depends on the amount of your awaiting converting iTunes. So you can import more than one file to the program. And DRM Converter will convert them at the same time.

If you want to enjoy DVDs on your Motorola Atrix 3/HD, you can use DVD Ripper.



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