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How to Sync videos and music from iTunes to Amazon Kindle Fire

Many users have the concern that if they buy a new Kindle Fire, their purchased songs from iTunes can not be compatible with it. What’s more, the Apple uses DRM to protect its copy-right which just allows you to transfer your purchased iTunes items to five computers and sync up with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV. After that, you can not play these purchased items on any other portable devices. And if so, they will have to spend extra money to buy these songs or movies. What a waste of money! Besides, users won’t do that.

iTunes to Kindle Fire

Now the problem can be easily solved with the help of the software Aimersoft DRM Converter. The DRM Converter is powerful. It can remove DRM protection from videos and audios as well as music and audio files. The most important function is that it can convert formats between different files including videos, music files, audio books or something like that. Because the program has a handy and friendly user interface, it is very convenient and easy to use. The output files remain high quality. Of course, the DRM Converter can also convert the unprotected flies.


Free download the software from below:

Download DVD ripper


Step 1: Import the iTunes items to DRM Converter

First of all, launch DRM Converter. Then you can just drag or drop the iTunes videos or movies files to the program or you can load these files to the program by hitting the button "Add…".

Aimersoft DRM Converter

Step 2: Output Settings

In this step, there are two crucial items you need to set. The first is the output formats. In order to fit your Kindle Fire’s supported formats, you should choose the right format to convert. It is best to choose MP4 output format from "Video files to" drop-down list, and MP3 from "Audio files to". Then, click "Browse" and choose one folder to hold your converted files.

If you are advanced user and you want to receive better effect of conversion. You can set some more parameters, such frame rate, aspect ratio, bit rate etc.


Step 3: Editing the videos if you need (optional)

Many movies have black edges. When you watch the movies in full screen, the black edges will occupy many spaces. So you can get rid of them by clicking the "Crop" button.


Step 4: Start to convert iTunes to Kindle Fire

After the above steps are over, click the button "Start", then the iTunes to Kindle Fire conversion is under the way. When the conversion is finished, you can click "Open" button to gain your converted items. You can transfer it to your Kindle Fire.



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