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How to Sync iTunes library to Galaxy Note

Owning Galaxy Note you can not only surf internet without any delay but also play simple games. Another popular application is enjoying videos. Owning one Galaxy Note, you can enjoy your favorite movies or songs at anytime and anywhere. However, many users have encountered the trouble that the videos or audios in iTunes can not play in Galaxy, due to the DRM protection, iTunes to Galaxy Note may meet many annoying troubles. So they want to seek some methods to solve the problem. But there is no need to worry about removing DRM protection.

iTunes to Galaxy Tab

In fact, you just need to use the software called Aimersoft DRM Converter. It is capable of dealing such problems. With a few clicks, you could not only get rid of the DRM protection, and also easily finfish the conversion.


First of all, you need to have some knowledge about Galaxy Note. In addition to the big screen of 5.3 inches,it also features its own high pixels of 1280×800. So it is no wonder it can't be better more to watching movies by using Galaxy Note. Before you undertake the conversion, the format it supports is key information you need to know.

The formats that Galaxy supports
Audio: MP4、AVI、WMV etc.
Video: MKV、MOV、RMVB etc.


Now, I will write an guide as followings, which shows the detailed information about how to convert iTunes to Galaxy Note.



Free download Aimersoft DRM Converter from below:

Download DVD ripper


Step one: Import iTunes media files to the program

Drag the iTunes audio or video Medias into the program, and then press the button "Add". Now the files in which contains your wanted videos or audios can be loaded into the program.



Aimersoft DRM Converter

Step two: Editing the videos according to your will (Optional)

If you source flies is video, you could edit it. Many movies have black edges, and when you watch it in full screen, the screen can not be filled fully because of the black edges. You can click the button "Crop" to get rid of those obtrusive black edges.


Step three: Set the output formats and locate the output file

You have known the formats that Galaxy Note supported. Now you can choose the one output format that enables your converted version to be playable on you Galaxy Note. We recommend MP4 from "Audio files to" and MP3 from "Video files to". And if you want to watch it on other devices, you needn't convert it again.

It is important to set the video size as 1280×800 pixels for this phone.


Step four: Start the conversion

After all things have been done, you just need click the button "Start" to start to convert iTunes to Galaxy Note, go to surf the other pages for a while, the conversion will be finished soon.

Eventually, copy the converted flies by using a USB cable to your Galaxy Note to enjoy it anytime and anywhere.



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