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How to sync iTunes to Blackberry Bold 9900

Want enjoy iTunes music and movies on your Blackberry Bold 9900? The trick part is that most music or video that you bought from iTunes Store are protected by DRM (digital rights management). So you cannot play the iTunes music /video files on your Blackberry phone directly. Well, this guide will show you how to transfer iTunes to Blackberry Bold 9900 in an easy way.

iTunes to Blackberry Bold 9900

All you need is Aimersoft DRM Converter, it can remove iTunes DRM protection and convert those protected files to DRM-free files, for example convert music file to .mp3 format, and convert video to .mp4 format.


The below step by step guide will show you how to sync iTunes to Bold 9900 with few clicks.




Free download Aimersoft DRM Converter from below:

Download DVD ripper


Step 1: Installing the software
Download the DRM removal software for free and install it. After running the software, click the "ADD" button to load iTunes files that you want convert.


Aimersoft DRM Converter

Step 2: Setting the output
If you convert music files, select MP3 from "Audio files to" drop down list. If you convert video files, select MP4 from "video files to" drop down list as the output format. If you require the high quality of the files, you can click the "setting" button to adjust the bit rate and resolution whatever you want. Right click on the files there will be four options, you can explore the function of these options yourself.

Step 3: Start the iTunes to Bold 9900 files format Conversion
Click "start" button to convert the files. It will take a while to complete the conversion. When the conversion is done, you can click the "find target" to find the output folder conveniently.

Step 4: Transfer the converted files to your phone
After you have done above all, DRM protection has been removed, what you should do next is transfer the converted files to your Blackberry Bold 9900, it is also very easy. The following part will show you how to transfer the files.

1: download the blackberry desktop manager from the blackberry official website (Both Window and Mac version).
2: install the manager and double click on the icon to run the software.
3: connect your phone to computer with the USB cable
5: copy the converted files to your phone


Now everything has been done, you can just enjoy your music and video from iTunes on Bold 9900 anywhere and anytime.



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