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How to convert DVD to Google Nexus S

Owning a Nexus S smartphone, what can you do with it except for calling and texting? The other entertainments are probably playing small games listening to music and watching videos. Ok! When it comes to listening to music and watching videos using your Nexus S, you may encounter the file formats mismatching problem. Particularly, when you want to enjoy your DVD on your Nexus S, you are likely to have no idea about how to achieve it without proper ways.

DVD to Nexus S

Well, actually you can turn to professional DVD converting software. Here, Aimersoft DVD Ripper can do you a favor. With the help if the software you can just spare little effort to finish the DVD to Nexus S conversion.


Here I will make a detailed instruction about how to rip your DVD to Nexus S step by step.


Download Aimeisoft DVD Ripper from below:

Download DVD ripper



Convert DVD movies to galaxy s3


Step 1: import DVD to Aimersoft DVD Ripper

Launch the software, and get ready to import you DVD to the program. If your awaiting files are DVD files labeled "VIDEO_TS" or "AUDIO_TS" which store in your mobile storage devices, you can drag or drop them to the program directly. Or you can click the button "Load DVD" to load them the program. If your existed sources are DVDs, just insert one DVD into the CD-ROM of your PC. And then click the button "Load DVD" to locate the DVD files; load them into DVD Ripper.


Step 2: set the output format and output directory

After the loading is over, click the button "Profile" to select the mp4 from the drop-down list as the output format. As to output directory, you may notice "Output"; you can click the label which looks like a folder to choose one directory to hold your converted files.
The crucial setting you cannot forget is the video resolution setting. Click Edit>Setting>Video Size to set the video size as 480×800.

Step 3: start DVD to Nexus S conversion

At last, just one click can be ok. Click the button "Start" to run the program. The DVD to Nexus S conversion can be completed soon. After the conversion, you can click the button "Open" to find your final converted files. And then you can transfer then to your Nexus by USB cable connecting your Nexus S to your PC.


Tips: Aimersoft DVD Ripper allows you to edit the DVD as your will. You can wipe out the black edges by Click editing label (not the button from the menu bar) and then click "Crop". And also, you can trim you DVD, add watermark or set the effect.

Additionally, you can load more than one DVD files to the program and you can merge them into one.




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