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Enjoy DVD movies on Motorola Atrix 3/HD

Motorola's next flagship phone for AT&T will most certainly be the Motorola Atrix 3/HD. This phone owns 48GB of memory, which allows you to store thousands of files. At the same time, it is rocking with a 4.5 inch HD display. You can put your all video and music files on its huge hand disk and enjoy it on the go. Lot users also want to convert DVD movies into the phone but don't know how to do. This guide will show how to convert DVD to Motorola Atrix 3/HD supported video format.

DVD to Motorola Atrix 3

First and foremost, we will show you the basic specification of the Motorola Atrix 3/HD. It has 4.5 inch screen with 1280 x 720p video resolution. Playable file formats: SAAC, AAC+ , AMR NB, eAAC+, H.264, MP3, MPEG-4, WMA9

Now, the below step by step guide will show you how to make DVD play on your Atrix 3/HD by using a professional DVD ripping tool - Aimersoft DVD ripper. It can rip your own DVD to common video files such as .avi, MP4 video files with fast speed and superior quality.


Download Aimersoft DVD Ripper from below:

Download DVD ripper

Tips: If you have Blu-ray DVDs, you can use Blu-ray Ripper, it can rip both Blu-ray DVD and common DVD into your needed high definition or common video formats.



Convert DVD movies to galaxy s3


Step 1: Run the DVD converter and load movie

Once the software is installed successfully, you should insert the disc into DVD drive. Then click "Load DVD" to load the DVD that you are going to convert.

Tips: If you have DVD files like "VIDEO_TS" and "AUDIO_TS", just drag or drop them directly to the program.


Step 2: Select output format for Motorola Atrix 3/HD

To select an output format that is suitable for the Motorola Atrix 3/HD, you can click on the pull down menu of "profile", and then follow "common video"> "(*.mp4)". Click "Settings" button and set video to 1280 x 720 px or smaller. There are also other output parameters if you don't understand them just leave it as the default.

Step 3: Convert DVD movies

Now click "Start" to begin converting DVD to Motorola Atrix 3/HD. The converting speed is fast with great output quality. Once the conversion is done, click "Find Target" to open the output folder. That's it, with 3 simple steps you have converted DVD movie for your phone.

Just transfer those converted files to your phone. Now you can enjoy your favorite DVD movies on Atrix 3/HD matter where you are.


Tips: If you have video or music files that transfer to your phone, but those files protected by DRM (Digital rights management), you can remove it with DRM Converter software.




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