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Rip DVD to iTunes and play movies on Apple devices

You have bought large number of DVDs. But, each time you want to enjoy them, you have to put the DVD you like into the CD-ROM, and wait until the computer finish reading the installed DVD. Instead, you advanced devices such as your iPad, iPhone, or your iPod etc. are resting at the key moment. Don't you think it is rather troublesome in the way to see your keen videos on your computer? What's more, this way of watching videos would somewhat cause some damage to your computer.

Convert DVD to iTunes

Therefore, you may consider whether there is a possibility to transfer the DVDs movies into my iTunes. If so, you could feast the numerous videos in your iPod, iPad, iPhone or something other suitable Apple series devices by iTunes anytime and anywhere under any cozy circumstance. Actually, there exists such possibility, indeed. Aimersoft DVD Ripper, a powerful and easy-to-use videos dealing software, comes to you. Besides, many DVDs have CCS protected which blocks your videos files to unsupported players. Here, the program will convert DVD to common video formats for you. And what you need is just a few clicks.


Now I will produce a detailed instruction about how to convert DVD to iTunes.



Download the software from below:

Download DVD ripper

Tips: If you have Blu-ray DVDs, you can use Blu-ray Ripper, it can rip both Blu-ray DVD and common DVD into your needed high definition or common video formats.


Step 1: Import your DVD to the software

Maybe, you have only the DVD discs, or the DVD files, or both. It doesn't matter. For the DVD disc, you just need put the it into your computer' CD-ROM. Then click "Load DVD" to import the files into the program. And for the DVD files, that will be much easy, you just need copy the files into the program.

Convert DVD movies to galaxy s3

Step 2: Editing the videos if you want (optional)

You can preview the video so that you can make a decision whether you need to edit it or not. For example, the screen is surrounded by black edges. If you are dissatisfied with it, you can choose to cut them off by clicking the button "Crop". Also, you can edit the videos using other easy-to-use editing operations.


Step 3: choose a suitable output formats

After you have finished importing the DVD, you need to select one output format and one output file. In order to watch the videos on your iTunes, you can choose the format such as M4V, MP4, or MOV from "common video" by clicking "setting" button. And of course you can select other formats as you need.


Step 4: Start the DVD conversion

In the section, just click the "Start" button to convert DVD to iTunes, and just wait for a while, the conversion will be completed as soon as possible. After that, you can transfer the converted files to your iPod, iPod, or iPhone etc.


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