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How to convert DVD to Galaxy S3 supported format

Facing your favorite DVD videos, you are not able to watch it in your grand Galaxy S3 cell phones? Have you ever come across similar problems?  If you have, don't worry, this article will show you how to transfer DVD movies to your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

Convert DVD movies to galaxy s3

The software Aimersoft DVD Converter would be able to do a great favor. This software integrates many powerful functions of dealing with the DVD conversions, which allows you a simple and convenient way to achieve the needed conversion. So if you have many wonderful DVDs, why not choose to convert them into the suitable formats for your Galaxy S3, so that you can have easy access to these videos with your phone anytime and anywhere.

This DVD Converter can not only convert DVD into your needed file formats but also have the function of editing such as cutting off the black edges which give you full screen view. And it can also select some of clips you want to convert and rip DVD by chapters. What's more, the software interface is very friendly. It is easy to use. What you need to operate is just a few clicks. 


Now I will make a detailed instruction step by step. You could easily know how to use the software. Just download the software from below:

Download DVD ripper

First of all, we need to know the formats that Galaxy S3 supported. It has a small number of supported formats including MP4,DiVX, XyiD, WMV, H.264.


Step one: Get the destination files imported

Put the DVD that you want to play on your Galaxy S3 into the DVD-ROM. Then load the DVD files by clicking the button "Load DVD". You can load the flies form DVD disks and DVD files.

download DVD ripper

DVD disk: just install your DVD disk into the CD-ROM of your computer and press the disk icon to load the DVD files.

Disk files: the DVD files are usually saved in the hard disks of your computer whose filenames are like "Video_TS" and "Audio_TS". Just load them directly. 


Tips: many DVDs are CSS copy protected, such as Hollywood films. This software can handle any kind of DVD.


Step two: Settings

After the above step was finished, you need to select a format from the drop-down list as one playable output format for your Galaxy S3. Here we'd better choose MP4. Now you need to set the video resolution as 1024×600 pixels by clicking the "Setting" button. Then click "Browse" to select a folder to hold your converted files.

Step three: Editing videos if you needed

Movies usually have black edges. In order to get rid of them, you could choose to cut them off by pressing the button "Crop". You could also scan other editing function and make your own videos. It is very to use.


Step four: Start to convert

Click the button "Start", and then you just need to wait for the software finishing its job. It will be very fast and of high quality.


When the DVD conversion is finished, connect your phone to computer with mini-usb cable. drag the converted files to storage card. Done! Enjoy DVD movies on Galaxy S3!

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