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Play DVD movies on Sumsung Galaxy Note

We all know that every device can play some videos it supported. There is no exception for Galaxy Note who is also very picky about many formats. And Galaxy features its 5.3-inch screen and 1280*800 pixels resolution which is vey suitable to watch movies. Now you have the desire to convert DVD to your Galaxy, so you need one qualified DVD converting software to achieve this goal.

DVD to Galaxy Note

Among the many DVD converting software, our Aimersoft DVD Ripper is bound to your first choice. This software features its powerful functions such converting many other formats to your needed formats, editing the videos, selecting some clips and so on. And it has a friendly interface which is easy to use.

I will make a detailed instruction about how to convert your DVD to Galaxy Note. In the conversion, you should pay attention to two important points which I will point out in the following article.

The formats that Galaxy Note supports:
Audio: MP4, AVI, WMV


Download Aimersoft DVD Ripper from below:

Download DVD ripper

Tips: If you have Blu-ray DVDs, you can use Blu-ray Ripper, it can rip both Blu-ray DVD and common DVD into your needed high definition or common video formats.


Convert DVD movies to galaxy s3


Step one: Import your DVD to the program

There are two types of files, the first is DVD disc, and the second is DVD files. You need to copy the content of the files into your program.
DVD disc: put the DVD disk into your computer's CD-ROM, and then click the"Load DVD"icon to import DVDs to the program.
DVD files: in this case, you just need to copy the files into the program directly.


Step two: Editing the videos (optional)

In the program, some of its functions enable it to deal with black edges. The "Crop" button will do the job to get rid of them. Of course, you can also choose other operations to edit your own videos.


Step three: set the output formats

In this step, you need to set the output format that Galaxy Note supports. The common formats we recommend are mp4, you can select it by clicking "profile" drop-down list. Sometimes, you need to set the resolution as 1280*800 pixels to suit the Galaxy Note's big screen..

Step four: Start to convert the DVD to Galaxy Note

Click the button "Start" begin the DVD to Galaxy Note conversion, go to have a rest for a while, and then the conversion will be finished soon. But you need to know that the speed depends on the size of your videos and your computer's hard wares.



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