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Enjoy DVD movies on Motorola Droid Bionic

If you got a Motorola Droid Bionic recently and you have a lot of DVD, I'm sure that you may think about how to convert your DVD to Droid Bionic. If you haven't done this before, doesn't matter. This guide will show you an easy way to convert DVD movies for your phone.

DVD to Galaxy Note

The only thing we need for the preparation is a DVD converting tool called Aimersoft.DVD ripper. This software will help you converting DVD with 3 simple steps. Before we start the conversion, we should figure out which format does the Droid Bionic support, and the maximum vdeo resolution of the phone.

Video format support: MP4, 3GP, MPEG-4
Audio format support: MP3, AAC, AMR, WAV, MID
Maximum resolution: 1920*1080

Well begin is half done, after you find out the above information, follow the tutorial will show you how to use this program.


Download the software from below:

Download DVD ripper



Convert DVD movies to galaxy s3


Step 1: Import DVD

install the software and run it, put the DVD to the DVD-ROM then the DVD Ripper will detect the DVD automatically, click the "load DVD" option to load your DVD files.

Tips: If you have DVD folders saved on your hard drive, just import the files directly from your pc.


Step 2: Output format and video size

Just select the .MP4 as output format from "Profile" option. Set the video resolution as 1920*1080 through the "setting" tab. The "Browse…" allow you to choose output folder for saving the converted files.

Don't forget select the "merge into one file" option. Normally, a DVD movie contains several of chapters. If you want to convert the whole moves as one video file, you need to tick this option.

Tips: I guess that you may prefer to watch movie with full screen on your phone, then you should click the "edit" option, through the "crop" button, you can cut out the black edge of DVD movie.

Step 3: Convert DVD to Droid Bionic

Click the "start" button on the lower right corner and the conversion will begin. The converting speed depends on your pc's performance and the size of the files. After the conversion is completed, connect your phone to computer with USB cable, and transfer the converted files to the phone.

That's it, with 3 simple step you can watch DVD on Droid Bionic easily. Have a good time.




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