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How to burn MP4 format video to DVD

I'm sure most of you have stored a plenty of classical movies, and your personal videos that shoot by yourself in .mp4 format on the hard disk. If you prefer to burn these mp4 format movies to a DVD and enjoy it on your DVD player with your family. This article will show you the most effective way to burn MP4 to DVD with few clicks.

Burn iTunes to DVD

We need get professional software called Aimersoft DVD Creator. It can burn popular video file formats to DVD for playing on home DVD player. Just download the software and install it on your computer.


You could follow the detailed guide of using DVD creator as below.



Download Aimersoft DVD Creator from below:

Download DVD Creator


Step 1: import the video

Click the DVD icon on the top left corner of the software interface, and select the "add files" option to load the DVD files from the place where you have saved your movies on your pc.


Step 2: edit the video

Click the "source" button and Locate the "pencil" icon from the video file on the left of the software interface, it will show you a new dialog box, and there are four main options on this dialog box, each option has the powerful function. For example, you can click the "enhance" option and adjust the "effect", "brightness", "contrast" and "saturation" to enhance the output quality of the video. The "trim" option is for you to delete the title or trailer of the video, take out all unwanted parts. The watermark option, you can add your favorite icon or text on the video.
You can make DVD with several chapters for easy navigation. Click the "menu" button to add the title of each chapter, so you can watch them conveniently through the remote control.

If you are an advanced PC user, I'm sure you will explore the left options to do the further research from "Help".


Step 3: burn the MP4 format videos to DVD

Insert a blank and writeable DVD into the DVD-ROM, after it detected the DVD, click the "burn" button on the main interface of the software and select the "burn to disc" option. After we have done this, press the "burn" button on the lower right corner to start convert MP4 to DVD.
Tips: If you want to save as .iso image file, just select the "save as iso" option and choose a path to save the files from the "folder path" drop down list.


When the DVD authoring is done, the DVD will reject automatically. Now you can share your own DVD to your family.




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