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Enjoy iTune music on your Mp3 player

Many users have bought a bunch of iTunes music and they can enjoy them on their computer. But they want to listen these music on the bus, on the train, on their business way using their portable devices which are not iPod,iPhone, or iPad. So how can they have these iTunes music transfer to their portable devices. Is there any possible way for them to convert these songs into suitable formats? Of course, there exists such kind of 3rd party iTunes DRM removal tool. The Aimersoft DRM Converter is the excellent one which can convert iTunes music to MP3.

convert iTunes music to mp3

Because Mp3 is the standard for digital audio, MP3 music can be player on almost any media players. So if you want to enjoy your purchased iTunes songs on non-Apple devices, Aimersoft DRM Converter could be your first choice.


Now, I will make a detailed instruction about how to remove DRM from iTunes and convert iTunes to MP3.


Free download the software from below:

Download DVD ripper


Step one: Import the iTunes music to DVD Converter

Of course, firstly, you should launch the program. And then you can drag or drop all the music you want to the program. Or you can also click the button "Add…" and load all your wanted music.


Aimersoft DRM Converter



Step two: Setting the output formats and output files.

After having loading the music to the program, you ought to choose one output format. We click on the "Audio files to" button, choose the MP3 format.

Then you should choose the output folder. Just click the button "Browse" to choose a routine.


Step three: Start the iTunes to MP3 conversion

After every preparation is ok, simply click the button "Start" to begin to convert iTunes music to MP3. It is worth to mention that the speed of the conversion depends on your computer’ hard ware such as the CPU, and the time it take to convert mainly depends on the length of the files that you want to convert. 

After all the iTunes music has been converted, you can click "open" button to find your MP3 music and you can transfer them to any devices with playbacks.



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