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How to convert Audible .AAX to MP3 format

Do you want the AAX to be converted to MP3 and can be playable in you own devices? Well,because most of the AAX files are protected by DRM. It cost us much to buy one audio book repeatedly for different electronic devices with playbacks. And if we want to listen the audio books in our other devices,the DRM would be the very barrier. Digital Rights Managements(DRM) is a kind protection to block the audio books to unsupported players. Now the good news is that our software - Aimersoft DRM Converter enables you not only to remove the DRM protection but also to achieve the conversion both easily and legally.

convert aax to mp3

Apart from removing the DRM of some audio books,Aimersoft DRM Converter are also capable of converting iTunes and other purached media files into some common formats such as MP3, M4A, AC3, AAC that can be playable in your electronic devices.


Now I will list the detailed steps about how to convert .AAX to MP3 by using sDRM Converter software as followings. Theses instructions will free you from the trouble and give you a convenient way to finish the conversion.

Firstly,you ought to have a better understanding of the range of the software converting function. The DRM Converter supports the following formats for inputting:




Free download the software from below:

Download DVD ripper



Step one: import the audio books

First of all,open DRM Converter,and then import the audio books files from your own PC or desk computer by clicking the button "Add…".

Aimersoft DRM Converter


Step two: Output settings

In this step,you need to set a few figures by clicking "Settings" if needed. You could set the file format,frame rate,bit rate. In this case,you need to set the output file format as mp3. Then you can click the "Browse" to choose your destination folder.

Step three: get ready to convert the Audiobook .aax to mp3

Having finished all the preparations,you could begin to convert the DRM audio books. Just click the button "Start",and the powerful software begin to convert aax to mp3. Additionally,the speed of the conversion depends on the hardware of your computer.

After the conversion is finished,click the "Find Target",or you could go to the destination folder to get your ultimate mp3 flies. You can transfer the converted files to your cell pones, iPod,mp3 player or any other devices that enable your converted files to be playable.


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