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How to Burn iTunes movies and TV show to DVD

It is universally known that the purchased iTunes contents are DRM protected. And Apple allows the purchased items to be transferred to only five Apple electronic products at most. So how can you put up with it, if you want to enjoy the videos on your DVD player with a big screen instead of in the front of your computer? And what if you want to reserve those typical iTunes videos in DVD for many years? Now many users have this kind of trouble. Here you can have a try to burn iTunes movies to DVD.

Burn iTunes to DVD

Here, we recommend ultimate powerful software Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate. This software integrates DVD ripper, DRM converter, DVD creator, video converter, YouTube downloader all together. So as can be seen, what dramatic software it is.



Download Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate from below:

Download Video Converter Ultimate


To begin with, the software will remove DRM protection from iTunes videos and convert them to common video format like mp4. And then it will burn the source videos to DVD. But all of the processes are within a few clicks. So simple, so easy is it. And the whole job is simplified with the help of the versatile software.
Now the following article will give a brief instruction about how to burn iTunes videos to DVD step by step.


Part 1: DRM removal and format conversion



Step 1: import the iTunes files to the program

If you have installed the Video Converter Ultimate, you can just launch it. After launching the program, click the button "File" to import the iTunes videos from your computer. And there is another approach to load the files to the program: unfold the directory that consists of your source files and then drag or drop the files that you want to burn to DVD to the pane.

Aimersoft DRM Converter


Step 2: output format settings

After you have loaded into your source files, the button "Profile" must come into your sight from which you can select the output format as mp4. Of course, you can choose other formats only if it is convenient.


Step 3: start the conversion

Now you can click the biggest button "Convert", and then the iTunes videos will be converted to MP4 format and the DRM protection will be removed. After the conversion is finished, the output files will be added to the resource list automatically.


Tip: When the part 1 is finished, you can enjoy these plain mp4 files in non-Apple devices, like Sumsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, Nokia Phone, Amazon Kindle fire, etc..



Part 2: burn the converted file to DVD


Step 1: output format and output directory settings

Here, just a few clicks can be ok. First of all, click the "Profile", choose the DVD as the output format from the drop-down list. And then click the button "Output" to select one folder for your ultimate DVD files.


Step 2: get down to burning

At last, everything is ok; just click the big blue button "Burn" on the right bottom. After the iTunes movies to DVD conversion is finished, you can click "Open Output" to find your DVD files.

Tips: in this step, one pane will pop out, you can press "Next", or you can conduct further setting like setting background music and background picture. In addition, you can set make your specific DVD menu on your own. There are many lovely background pictures on the "Menu Template". If you have finished the settings, click the big blue button "Burn", and the conversion will be completed soon.


Now, just enjoy iTunes movies on your home DVD player!




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