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How to play Audiobooks on MP3 player

Many users have encountered the problems that they want to transfer their audiobooks to their other portable devices. But the result is that some of their portable devices don't support the formats for the audios are DRM protected. This guide will give you a brief introduction about how to convert audiobook to mp3.

audiobook to mp3

Audiobooks distributed in a number of file formats such as MP3, AAC, WMA etc. But mp3 format is most widely used. It is the audio standard file which can be playable on all devices with a player. So we recommend that you'd better convert your wanted files to mp3 format so that you can enjoy the audiobooks on any MP3 players freely.


To achieve this objective, the Aimersoft DRM Converter can do a great favor for you. This Converter features its complete functions. It can remove DRM protection from movies, videos and audio files. Besides, it can also convert medias between files. Its interface is handy and friendly which is pretty easy to use for uses.


Now the instruction will be produced below.



Free download Aimersoft DRM Converter below:

Download DVD ripper


Step one: Import the audio files you want to DRM Converter

If you have installed the program, just start it. And then you can drag or drop your wanted files to the program. This is the easiest way to load source files to DRM Converter. Another approach to load these files is to click the button "Add", find source folder and load them to the program.


Aimersoft DRM Converter


Step two: Setting the output formats and output files

In this step,a few clicks will be ok. First of all,click the button "Settings",all the setting parameters will be taken on. You just need choose the file format as mp3. For some advanced users,you can further set some advanced parameters including aspect ratio,bit rate,frame rate,video resolution and so on.
Then you need set the output files. Click the "Browse" to choose an easy-to-remember folder path..

Step three: Begin to convert audiobook to mp3

After all steps are over,you can click "Start" button,and then the audiobook to mp3 conversion will be proceeding. Additionally,Aimersoft DRM Converter is noted for its converting speed. But you need know the actual speed of the conversion depends on the quantities of your source files.
After the conversion,you can click "Find Target" button to find your converted files and transfer them to your iPod, iPad, Sony walkman or any other portable devices.


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