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Aimersoft DRM Converter is progressive DRM removal software which can erase DRM from movies and audio bought from iTunes, Zune, iMesh, Pandora, BBC iPlayer WMV, Amazon video on Demand and also other DRM protected media center legally. Moreover, Aimersoft DRM converter can convert both DRM protected and common music and videos to the format you would like for your multimedia device.

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Reading user reviews:


1. I think this drm converter software is very good but it do has some shortage. I have the full version and it cuts off of the beginning of my saved video but it went through fully and the sound was fine. And then I come to the support center for help, and searching on your FAQ, and I noticed that high computer performance is needed for converting large DRM videos, especially HD movies, and also you bring up some helpful tips to reduce the load of CPU. I wish you can also put a line on this on the user guide.


2. I'm a long time member of an audio book club online. And, could only play the audio by using their chosen player. They were not suitable on my Blackberry. And, which made me very annoyed. Then I found out that I could download the DRM removal and strip the DRM . Now the audio books can be compatible with my Blackberry so I can listen to them as I am out of the home. What a amazing software to have!


3. Amazingly fast conversion thanks to the built in Nvidia Kuda technology. Not something you can find in many other conversion software. Was amazed how this program worked without errors, very light; didn't slow down my machine.


4. To be able to convert my videos to almost any regular meida formats for play on portable devices like iPhone, iPad,iPod touch, Motorola, Samsung and BlackBerry is awesome. You don't find this option with many conversion applications. Would recommend to anyone.


5. I've tried many conversion software over the years to convert media files and for some reason all of them sucked. The DRM Media Converter rocks. It has still to fail to do things I want it to do! Thanks for a nice product.

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